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Crack the News Feed Algorithm to improve your Facebook post reach


The reason for the recent nosedive in Facebook reach and how to craft “high score content” to rank higher on Facebook NEWS FEED

With social media active users continuing to stay as the major segment of consumer base for businesses, the focus on Social Media Optimization is ever growing. With highest rate of engagement and highest time spent on, Facebook has indisputably been the king of social media. Businesses witnessed massive Facebook reach and fastest advertising results on this platform, compared to any other social media platform.

Facebook algorithm change 2018

Since as recently as Jan 2018, there have been various reforms to Facebook News Feed Algorithm, with a view to offer quality user experience. Consequent to recent changes to Facebook algorithm, it has become more and more difficult to increase visibility organically. Sites experienced a steep fall in organic post reach due to these Facebook algorithm changes.

In this article, we’ll have an insight to recent changes to Facebook News Feed and their consequences and try to-

  1. Analyse and understand recent Facebook Algorithm changes and their Implications on Facebook reach
  2. Understand the necessary requisites to get your Content qualified and subsequently prioritised so to GET MAXIMUM VISIBILTY IN Facebook NEWS FEED
  3. Facebook moderation strategy- Earlier Facebook content strategy that no more works that one should watch out to avoid.

Facebook’s evaluation of your content

The Facebook algorithm change 2018, collectively appear to have the below four factors at the core of their scoring process

INVENTORY - total number of posts available to be displayed

SIGNALS – tell more about the content details like publisher, age, time of post,time spent on post, shares, comments, replies etc

PREDICTION - this tells Facebook about the probability of the user having a positive interaction

SCORE - final score of the content that the user will react positively to it

No one can put a finger on the exact methodology used by Facebook to improve Facebook reach in News Feed, but based on the series of recent changes to Facebook algorithm over the year 2018 here’s how we can put two and two together to plan the Facebook content strategy.

Facebook Algorithm changes in recent times–implications and required content approach

1. “Trustworthy, informative and local”

This update, rolled out in the start of 2018, targets the quality of posts for trustworthiness of the content’s matter, how credible and useful it is to the community, as well as how relevant it is for Local users. In a way, this Facebook algorithm change serves as a path-pointer for the crisis situation arisen due to the turmoil created by the “Meaningful interaction update” with respect to Facebook reach. Post these recent changes to Facebook algorithm, quality posts that are informative and helpful to users will be prioritised by Facebook.

2. Less prioritised or moderated distribution

Approaches one should discontinue adopting/stay away from practicing

Content of below nature will come in the less circulated zone will fail to get high Facebook reach

  • Scraped content: content copied from renowned sites with little-to-no alteration
  • Anything with misleading information:
    • Posts from sites that use political news to show their ads
    • Images that “appear to be” shown as vide to attract clicks
    • Fake news are no longer eligible.. Facebook is going for surveys and checkers for checking authenticity
  • Over promotion: repeated posts are demoted
  • Text only status updates
  • Posts with texts reused from ads
  • Content with a Negative subject negativity is big NO
  • Engagement baits

3. “Meaningful interaction update”

Posts from friends, family and groups will be given high rank


Here, the clue for marketers is to create a group for your brand and put money into promoting the group for boosting Facebook reach and in turn brand awareness.

In order to be able to construct high-score posts that end up showing in maximum Facebook NEWS FEED, let’s precisely decode the words “Meaningful” and “interaction”

The dictionary defines the word “meaningful” is - valid, reasonable, purposeful, worthwhile.

“Interaction”- reaction, interactivity, interconnection, inter-linkage

So if we constitute a core quality criterion which we would be in sync with Facebook’s, your content should ideally create genuine interest; Generate back-and-forth discussion, encourage commenting.


What you need to do

- This can be done by creating Informative content that provokes comments/ generate opinions/sharing of information and this might fetch you some valuable scoring points.
- Create something that would induce you yourself to share. Attracting attention is the key to get awed at. One has to implement hiked creativity to get the audience curious.
- Claim your share of attention by earning it instead of saying “Like if you agree”– do not try to demand or request ‘users’ to react for you. Also luring them to take action in lieu of fake
- Create content that the users can relate themselves to in day to day life.
With an insight to this update by Facebook, design your organic/sponsored content with high score in above way to rank higher on Facebook NEWS FEED Logical content with a reality approach that promotes excitement will generate healthy meaningful interactions. This will push the content to rank higher on Facebook NEWS FEEDs. Choose topics that trigger conversation aiming at highest comments and replies on comments, aiming at quality user experience.


Getting reactions and back and forth replies is the key to highest reach

Facebook has been surveying users to base the trustworthiness of pages. Hence, truthful, informative posts those are more local, and from trusted sources will see increased distribution.
Illogical tactics and insignificant baiting is out of the qualifying queue.

4. Facebook post reach trick - Ideal ways to tackle with the new stringency and yet gain higher reach.-

Since general older Facebook promotion strategies are not going to cut as high in 2019. Newer ways of continuing to earn the regular engagement have to be implemented

Social CEO: since “users’ trust” stays at the core of the algorithm, this is one new way to increase social rapport and bond with the customer base. By routinely managing their Facebook account CEOs can aim at higher brand awareness by multiplying post reach.
Facebook pages: maximum use of the new engaging tools on Facebook pages recently.
Facebook groups: Asusers’ voluntary interest and reaction is the key aspect in the recent changes to Facebook algorithm, creating Facebook groups is a more productive way to build a narrowed down audience. Individuals opting to join groups on their own are more likely to like and react on your brand’s content.

Use of Facebook Marketing:-

Boost Post

  • One of the best policies is to boost a post that is already performing well already organically.
  • Go for Advanced Targeting -Target the right audience- to see that you have right funnelling of core audience in order to reach Facebook NEWS FEED OF THE RIGHT USER.
  • Content should be user-relevant – content relevancy is important – select the audience keeping in mind gender relevancy, age relevancy, always narrow your audience by metrics using Interests, native Locations
  • Audience insights- check the traffic specifications like, right age group,time of highest visits

Facebook Messenger - Link sharing through messenger:-as the new updates to the algorithm are all about personal experience, your page reaching out on messenger is going to be accounted by Facebook in its ranking process.

Use of Facebook analytics - by use of Facebook insights and Facebook Analytics get insights on audience behaviour to have a better idea of content performance.

Use of Videos – there’s no need to say that videos are found to be the most engaging contents and have been king of the media. Interesting and engaging videos that gain more watch time are going to get you to rank higher on Facebook NEWS FEED.

Facebook Live – Live streaming is going to be a huge industry for the coming years. It’s not that difficult to trace out the reason that people like to watch live more than pre-generated made-up, done-up commercialised and distributed videos- instant connection, authenticity, excitement, are the words that put light on the importance of live streaming. When live these videos tend to be more engaging than the video which is no longer live. Furthermore there will be higher interaction due to the huge reactions such videos generate. After Youtube Facebook is the highest live streaming portal, audience reach.

5. Facebook post reach trick - Suggested strategies that won’t fail to work:

Target for one or a golden mix of - informative, creative, educating, engaging interest, entertaining

  • Trending News- Be on a constant lookout for topics on the latest buzz. If there are social discussions going on over a local topic, any posts relevant to the topic get elevated to rank higher on Facebook NEWS FEED.
  • Personal experiences and content covering emotional impact – emotionally rich content tends to generate faster reaction
  • Promotion offers
  • More use of Facebook post types like get message, get calls, poll, list etc.
  • Facebook Events- creating event and gathering interest
  • Genuine user opinions on topics related to brand /product
  • Incentives for shares or referring friends
  • Contests with incentives
  • Content with preferences/interests that might lead to conversations and tagging sharing within friends as “interaction” increases Facebook reach in NEWS FEED

Hope this article helps to arm you with your new Facebook content strategy to confront the new updated algorithm and up your social media optimization game.

All the best

Velox9 Multimedia Services Pvt. Ltd.

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