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Finding a job as a fresher now a days isn’t that easy as it was before and especially when it comes to Digital Marketing, the competition even gets worse if not having a good experience.

If you are new to this field, a fresher outta college or a graduate that has just completed his or her Digital Marketing Mastery course out of a well named academy but still there is no guarantee that many of the Digital marketing Institutes will provide job or even an internship to start with, unlike the Indian Academy of Digital Marketing.

In many firms they just want someone with a good years of experience to hire so that they could just grip with it.


Well there are tremendous openings in Digital Marketing due to current peoples need and also not to forget the increasing use of internet. Here are some of the tips that you should use to stand out of the flock and get the perfect job.

Currently you are out with the best of the Digital Marketing knowledge you know so far, meanwhile in this period of searching, you should always keep track of new subjects or tips that are updated with this highly dynamic field.

There are two main options that says either you work with a firm as an Intern or you start gaining a good practical experience by your own.


1- To talk about gaining your own experience start working on Facebook ads and ad words, yes it will take some time but its worth. If you have any family business of any relatives business then try to spend some of your own cash and expect for the better results, definitely you will. Applying Digital Marketing services to your home business will work to you in a double profit manner, the sales will be increased and plus you’ll be gaining the actual market experience.

2- The other to work as intern also seems a good way to go. If you don’t intend to grab the beginning grip by your own then this option suites best for you. After completion of course if not provided the internship by the academy then search yourself cause there is also wide acceptance for interns of Digital Marketing as well. The internship will help you out to learn the actual market of internet advertising business closely and also you will get a good experience and eventually this experience will be helping you out further.


Once you are done with your own freelancing or your internship, the question still remains the same. The perfect Digital Marketing Job?

Here we have the next step to be applied, now you are a highly trained Digital Marketer with a good practical experience of actual market and strongly updated Digital Marketing skills. The self confidence is the most important at this moment, you are not any less than a


At the beginning offer your work for a low paying but not to compromise at very low compared to your skills. Remember the saying

“If you are good at something then never Do it for free”

The further trying interviews into greater firms of Digital Marketing, you will land on your perfect dream job as a Professional Digital Marketer and earn fast, more with a satisfaction of a successful career.

All the above process that leads to you successful career should take the period of few months but not more remember.

Today we all have our own assistant to search and help us with our activities. May it be Google, Siri, Alexa we need to put our brand on voice recognition by optimizing our website as our consumers today prefer to voice search instead of typing on search engines. This also results in good ranking compared to other competitors.

Google lens:

A Digital Marketer should always keep learning because what works today may not work great tomorrow. The very most important thing is getting a quality education. Yes the Professional Digital Marketing Institute or Academy you choose to apply for the course must always provide more and more practical knowledge. If you go for an institute that has its own Digital Marketing Agency is always beneficial because they’ll provide you the practical work that is dependent or is based on their live projects of work but, there are really rare such Institutes.

Always get the Certification that matters, working in one of top most academy of Digital Marketing like IADM is always beneficial cause of their primary policy to provide Job and/or Internship.

All the best

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