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New Trends In Social Media Marketing


Technology is developing, consumer expectations are changing and so is social media evolving.

We can see the impact of social media on how people are socializing, growing their businesses & keeping themselves engaged and updated with the currents news/politics as well.

Soon we will be entering the visionary year 2020. Let’s have a go through of trends which got popular among us in 2019.

With the huge number of users growing each day, Facebook continues to be on the first place of social media platforms having a strong demographic of age from 18 to 65. Even though for some professionals/industrialists Facebook might not be the right platform to grow their network & business, it is gearing up for consumer based product market through strategic Ad campaigns.

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is rapidly growing platform among the youth, especially youth influencers. The casual talk is changing from ‘’let’s post it’’ to ‘’let’s insta it’’.

I will watch story instead:

Audience are preferring to check stories instead of news feed or posts on pages. Stories can include short content about brand, behind the scenes, raw videos, live streaming, flyers and what not. This makes audience more close or get to learn more about the brand, also you need not to be very appropriate about the graphics here as it lasts for 24hrs, we can categorize & save them. Instagram allows you to edit your content with various options like mentions, GIFs, music, polls, Q&A to make it more attractive & interactive. Same stories can be shared on Facebook as well. If you haven’t used this feature to reach your audience, try it and enlarge your reach.

I will Chat to get all details:

In today’s world of real time response, we need to make sure our customer is getting instant reply to their queries irrespective of time & place. Chatbot allows you to make automated & customized reply options to support customer in a friendly and natural way. This makes customer more connected to us. Chatbot is developing its personality & character to give a human touch to audience. Many Sales & Marketing agencies are using this feature on their social media platforms & website to keep their audience engaged.

I want to see video:

Video consists of audio & visual elements which affects customer directly. Within first few seconds of video, customer decides whether to continue watching or not. This helps us to analyze the content quality. Video can be a live video, professional high budget brand defining video, product demonstration video or a low budget video shooted by regular smart phone. Video marketing is highly effective as it reflects transparency. Audience are tend to connect with video, they can relate their needs. It majorly contributes in creating brand awareness, encouraging, converting leads to loyal customer. IGTV is a booming feature on Instagram keeping audience engaged on this platform. Major brands are collaborating with celebrities & influencers to promote their products via video marketing. Latest video trends are live streaming, Paid Video Ads, IGTV, Stories. Not to forget, Youtube itself is a major platform for this type of marketing.

I will follow this influencer:

We believe what we see, further if its common man who is presenting the product or brand in his daily life we get more influenced. An influencer can be a celebrity, a blogger, an entrepreneur or any common man with huge audience reach or followers. Trend of influencers has been growing on Instagram and Youtube. Categorized as Mega (Celebs 1M+), Macro (100k to 1M followers), Micro (10k to 100k followers) & Nano (50 to 10k) influencers supports different niches like food, fashion, travel, parenting, dance, fitness, etc. It is very difficult for any brand to choose the right influencer. It all depends on what your brand needs, what should be your target audience, what campaigns have you planned, will it meet your objective and last but not least is the budget. Accordingly brands choose and collaborate with the right influencer.

Hello Google:

Today we all have our own assistant to search and help us with our activities. May it be Google, Siri, Alexa we need to put our brand on voice recognition by optimizing our website as our consumers today prefer to voice search instead of typing on search engines. This also results in good ranking compared to other competitors.

Google lens:

An image recognition technology developed by Google which uses our device’s camera to identify the object and get relevant data like name, type, rating, reviews, price, who has used or checked in. This would create a direct link between consumer and advertiser to check for other related product or services as well. Google is trying to eliminate the type & search option by evolving image & voice recognition, smarter way of technology.

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